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Laudato Si Week 19th May to 26th May 2024
This week is Laudato Si week and marks the anniversary of Pope Francis' landmark encyclical on Care for Creation.
We can all play a part in caring for the environment and, at St George's, our Laudato Si Group has produced the attached newsletter for parishioners and followers.
You can download it from this link.
The St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) opened its first charity shop in York at the end of April.
The address is: 273 Melrosegate York YO10 3SN (formerly Alan Bott).
Parking is available round the back, accessible from Melrosegate.
Donations of quality, saleable items are very welcome.
Please support this important venture as the SVP does a lot of important work supporting those in need within St George’s Parish.
Also, if you are interested in volunteering, please call into the shop and introduce yourself to Kevin, the Manager.
SVP Mass of Anointing - Thursday 2nd May
Thank you to Canon Jerry, Canon Harney and Canon Ryan for a very prayerful, comforting and healing Mass yesterday morning.
And thank you to the SVP members for organising the get together afterwards for people to chat and build community.
Thank you to Lars and Seamus for some great photos to capture the event and to Normal Fowler and the choir for some lovely music.
Fairtrade Stall 
Thank you to everyone for your generous support of the Fairtrade stall and people in developing countries.
£142 worth of goods were sold, £107 after morning Mass and £35 after evening Mass last Sunday.
The next stalls will be after both Masses on Sunday 19th May
Very many thanks,
Frances & Dennis
Laudato Si Update
It was a wonderful pre-morning Mass Meditation on the subject of Ecological Education yesterday for those who attended.
We are not posing any questions for written answers at Mass any more. Thank you to everybody who did respond. We have taken note of your answers.
However, the Holy Spirit is very evidently at work in our parish, demonstrated by the wonderful response to any requests that have been made eg bringing materials for recycling; clothes/shoes for Carecent; old computers and Smartphones for recycling to those who do not have any; and recently a mountain of 'spiritual' books donated for borrowing.
Thank you so much again for your wonderful generosity.
Laudato Si at St George's this Sunday 7th April
The next ‘ Laudato Si’Goal that we shall be considering on Sunday 7th April is Ecological Education.
This is a rather grand name for learning how to love God, to look after mind, body and soul and our Common Home, to understand our priorities and how they shape our interaction with the world.
In our families, parishes, schools and universities, our local community and our natural surroundings, ‘ecological education’ enables us to translate our learning into habits and behaviour that puts care of God’s creation above self interest.
There will be a short meditation on this topic in the Lady Chapel from 9.15 am before morning Mass next Sunday, led by a member of the Laudato Si group.
Please come and make use of this time of prayer for all of us gain insight into how we can work together for God’s creation.
Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve been involved with Laudato Si before or not.
April Catholic Voice

St George's is featured again in the April issue of The Catholic Voice.
A lovely photo of our Goan Community celebrating the feast of St Francis Xavier is on page 3.

Catholic Voice is produced by The Diocese of Middlesbrough and can be collected in newspaper format from the back of Church or can now be viewed online at:
Palm Sunday Procession
Some lovely photos by Lars from yesterday morning's Palm Sunday Mass & Procession.
There definitely seems to be a sense of anticipation for Holy Week this week.

Norman McNichol RIP
Today we paid tribute to long standing St George's parishioner, Norman McNichol, as Canon Jerry celebrated a Memorial Service with Norman's family and friends at St George's Church.
Norman was a regular attender at St George's and during the pandemic used to catch the bus, from Selby and back, in order to attend Sunday morning Mass at St George's.
May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


Laudato Si Bookshelf at Church

St George's Fairtrade Stall

Thank you to everyone for your generous support of the Fairtrade stall and people in developing countries.

A magnificent £308 worth of goods were sold, £244 after morning Mass and £64 after evening Mass last Sunday.

The next stalls will be after both Masses on Sunday 17th March. This is an Easter ‘Special’ for the sale of Easter eggs and chocolate, chocolate and small gifts suitable for Easter presents.

We may also have a small stock of coffees and jams/marmalades.

Very many thanks,
Frances & Dennis

Laudato Si – Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyes
This Sunday, 3rd March, the third Sunday in Lent, our Laudato Si group will resume the presentation of goals from Pope Francis’ Laudato Si Encyclical. Next Sunday we shall be looking at the “Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles”, a very appropriate topic for Lent.
This goal encourages us to reflect on what it is to have enough, and to ensure that others, including future generations, will have enough. It encourages us to recognise the need to limit ourselves to a sufficient amount, rather than using the planet and its people as a means to our own comfort and convenience.
As we have done previously, before 10:30 Mass, at 9.15, we shall have a meditation on this week’s topic. We would like to welcome everybody to join this reflection.
2 printed questions relevant to this topic will be available on the benches in Church. We ask parishioners, if they wish, to take these home, to reflect on the questions, and to bring back the papers with their thoughts the following Sunday. There will be a box available near the entrance to Church to put these in.
We value your contributions as a way of going forward with Laudato Si in our parish. The conclusions from your contributions will be made available to the parish in our next Laudato Si newsletter
Fairtrade Stall
Many thanks to everyone who supported the Fairtrade Stall on Sunday.
Goods to the value of £235 were sold - £165 morning Mass and £70 evening Mass.
Again, apologies for not having the card reader available.
We will look to resolve this before the next stalls after both Masses on 10th and 17th March.
St Francis Xavier
The large and thriving Goan Community within St George’s Parish in York recently commemorated the Feast Day of St Francis Xavier with a special Mass celebrated by Canon Jerry.
This was a very special day for the Goan community as St Francis Xavier is the Patron Saint of Goa.
Here are some photos from the Mass.
You can read more about St Francis Xavier via this link:
Fairtrade Stall this Sunday 11th Feb

Our ever popular Fairtrade stall returns this Sunday at both Masses

Card and cash payments are accepted.
What a great day we celebrated yesterday with Bishop Terry.
Here are some photos taken by Lars Karlsson.
The altar is all prepared with flowers ready for Bishop Terry's visit tomorrow. Bishop Terry will be celebrating both the 10:30am and 6:30pm Mass with us this Sunday 4th Feb.
Bishop Terry Visits St George's Primary School and Church
The Children and staff at St George's School had a fantastic morning yesterday with the lovely Bishop Terry! ❤️❤️❤️
Bishop Terry is celebrating both Masses with us at Church this Sunday 4th Feb at the usual times of 10:30am and 6:30pm.
St George's Fairtrade Stall - Sunday 14th January
Thank you to everyone who supported our Fairtrade Stall at Mass on Sunday.
Goods to the value of £189 were sold - £149 in the morning and £40 in the evening.
Sincere apologies that the card reader wasn’t working and hope to have it back up and running for the next stall on February 11th
Very many thanks,
Frances & Dennis
Fantastic Response to Collection of Unwanted IT at Mass Yesterday!
Thank you to those who responded to our appeal yesterday for unwanted mobile phones and laptops for donation to the York-based charity IT Reuse
All donations now safely delivered to the charity at their base in the York Community Furniture Store
If you have any further donations please message us or email us at rather than bringing items to Mass.
Synodal Listening Sessions at St George's Church
For anyone who is interested in knowing more about the Synod, what Pope Francis challenges us to do and who wants to have a go at putting it into practice.
There are four sessions coming up - and you can attend one or all of them - don't worry if you can't make them all.



It's Still Pantomime Season!

Tickets are now available for the Stamford Bridge Players' performance of Babes in the Wood, which features 2 of our parishioners - Kevin Willis and Martin Thorpe.

For ticket details speak to Martin or Kevin at Mass or ask at Stamford Bridge Post Office.

It's gonna be a good one ........ oh yes it is!



St George's Fairtrade Stall in 2023
Thank you to all parishioners who have supported the Fairtrade Stall at morning and evening Mass throughout 2023.
Mainly thanks to your support, the stall has just about doubled the amount of money it has raised in 2023 compared to 2022.
This is a great result and special thanks must go to Dennis and Frances for running the stall and to Canon Jerry for his support throughout.
The next stall is at morning and evening Mass on Sunday 14th January and a full list of dates for the Fairtrade Stall in 2024 will be published in January.
A full copy of St George's Fairtrade 2023 Report can be viewed via this link:



This weekend you will find "Christmas Offering" envelopes on benches at Mass.
Please give generously as these envelopes follow the tradition of being a donation and thank you at Christmas directly to our Parish Priest, Canon Jerry.
Many thanks and a very Happy and Holy Christmas to you and your family and friends.





Thank you to everyone who supported the Fairtrade stall last Sunday.
Goods to the value of £350 (£260 Morning Mass £90 Evening Mass) were sold supporting people in the developing world to provide schools, clinics, etc for their own communities.
The next stall will be held on 14th January after both Masses.
Many thanks,
Frances & Dennis






You may have seen mention recently of Pope Francis' update on the Climate Crisis, timed to coincide with the UN COP28 Conference.


Our Laudato Si Group has produced a summary document (link below) which also contains a link to the full update.


Thank you to Citlali for kindly taking the time to produce this summary.





RIP JOHN MICHAEL HARDCASTLE (17th December 1946 - 24th June 2023)
Today we pay tribute to parishioner Michael Hardcastle (husband of Elizabeth Hardcastle) who died earlier this year.

The Order of Service for Michael's Requiem Mass on 20th July 2023 is replicated in full below.


May Michael's soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.





Feast of St Francis Xavier - Patron Saint of Goa, India

This weekend we are reminded of the Feast Day of St Francis Xavier, a very special day for our thriving Goan community in St George’s Parish.


St. Francis Xavier is most honoured by the Catholic Church, for his missionary accomplishments particularly in Goa, India. He is one of the greatest Roman Catholic missionaries of modern times and was instrumental in the establishment of Christianity in Goa. He is now the patron Saint of Goa.


As a Jesuit, Francisco underwent and then, in turn, led others through the Spiritual Exercises of his great friend St. Ignatius Loyola. He worked in hospitals in Italy, caring for the sick and downtrodden before going to India. He set sail for India as the papal nuncio in 1541, reaching Goa on May 6, 1541. In Goa, he would walk through the streets, ringing a little bell, inviting anyone who would care to listen to him preach the Word of God. St. Francis Xavier was influential in evangelisation work, most notably in early modern India, Goa.


He died in a straw hut in 1552 on Sancian Island, off the Southern coast of China. The body of Saint Francis Xavier, lies in a silver casket in the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the Basilica being more than 400 years old. The body and arm of St. Francis Xavier is considered a first class relic


St. Francis Xavier was canonized by Gregory XV on March 12, 1622, and ranks among the greatest missionaries in Christian history. The Church asked for a relic. At the time it was considered evidence of his saintliness and the revered right arm, which did all the baptising, was severed at the request of the head of the Jesuit order and sent to Rome, where it is till this day.


The practice of venerating relics has been a Scripture-based tradition in the church for centuries. The decennial exposition of the Sacred Relics of St Francis Xavier, popularly known as “Gõycho Saib” will be held between November 21, 2024 and January 5, 2025 at Old Goa. The last exposition of the relics was held in 2014-15. This Spiritual event will draw thousands of pilgrims from all over the world, to pay their respects to St. Francis Xavier.


To commentate the feast, in St George’s Parish, a statue of St Francis Xavier (which has been specially shipped from Goa this year) will be blessed and installed on the altar between St Theresa and St Anthony, whilst a hymn is sung in Konkani (the Goan mother tongue).


Members of the Goan community will be providing light refreshments for all parishioners after Mass this Sunday morning, at the back of the church, to celebrate the feast.


Fairtrade Christmas Stall
Many thanks to everyone who supported the Christmas Special Fairtrade stalls on Sunday.
A total of £305 worth of goods were sold supporting people in the developing world - £235 after morning Mass and £70 after evening Mass.
The next stalls will be after both Masses on Sunday 10 December selling the usual products and a small range of Christmas goods.
Very many thanks,
Frances & Dennis

It's always lovely to get a 'thank you' and some nice feedback, so our generous volunteers and parishioners were delighted to get this thank you card from the lovely volunteers at Carecent, for all the food donated at Church and the recent collections of winter coats.
And the food collections just keep on coming in - here's a photo that our parishioner volunteer Jim sent us.

Fantastic generosity from St George's parishioners last Sunday in donating nearly £400 for Restore York
Thank you to Lydia from the charity for a heartfelt presentation and thank you to Restore York for everything you do in York to give people in need a new start and somewhere to call home.

This Sunday we welcome Restore York - a local homeless charity - who will be speaking at both Masses.
St George's SVP is already supporting individual residents in Restore's houses and recently helped a formerly homeless person buy a carpet for their first home!
Restore provides homes and a resettlement program to help people off the streets and ready for a tenancy of their own. They also provide housing for Refugees.
I'm sure if you're at Mass on Sunday you will want to give Restore a traditionally warm St George's welcome!


A huge thank you to everyone who supported the Fairtrade stall last Sunday.
A total of £250 worth of goods were sold (£175 at morning Mass and £75 at evening Mass).
The next stall will be a Christmas ‘Special’ after both Masses on Sunday 26th November when Christmas Cards, Advent calendars, jewellery, baubles, socks, and other small Fairtrade gifts will be available.
Very many thanks,
Frances & Dennis

Our recent Laudato Si inspired Open Water Swim to celebrate the #SeasonOfCreation appears in this month's edition of The Diocese of Middlesbrough Voice publication.
Thank you to Maria and Ann R for leading the event and to Maria for the excellent write up.
You can now access the full edition online at
Happy Feast Day of St Vincent de Paul!
Today we honour the Saint in whose name thousands of volunteers all over the world have helped the poor and needy for over 190 years.
Known simply as “The SVP”, the motto of this organisation is “Turning Concern Into Action”.
Parishioners in St George’s SVP have been doing just that for the last 170 years.
So far this year St George’s SVP has:
- Provided practical support and financial help to 49 families and individuals in need, nearly half of these are families at our wonderful primary school
- Carried out 246 befriending visits to the sick and elderly, either in their own homes or at local Nursing and Residential Homes, amounting to around 200 hours of SVP members’ time
- Provided Christmas gifts for 27 children at our primary school and helped 1 family buy school uniform
- Supported local families in need to the tune of £600 of food and supermarket vouchers, to support them during this year’s ‘cost of living crisis’
- Organised spiritual and social events for our parishioners such as a Mass of Anointing of the Sick and a very successful trip to Bridlington for our parishioners
Our work also extends beyond just our Parish and the UK. St George’s SVP is ‘twinned’ with 2 communities in Kerala, India. Providing much needed financial support, prayers and often assistance with special projects, such as a recent project to help 10 families set up and run their own independent businesses in Kiliyoor.
Please pray for the work of our SVP and its many beneficiaries and if you would like to know more or want to get involved click on our website link at:
We regularly visit 6 residential and nursing homes in the Parish as well as housebound parishioners in their own homes.
So, if you would like us to visit a family member or you know of parishioners who no longer attend Mass post-Covid, and could benefit from a friendly 30-minute chat, you can contact us in complete confidence or speak to one of the SVP members after Mass.
May God Bless St Vincent de Paul and the work of the society named in his honour.
Photos from a lovely afternoon joint service last Sunday with St Lawrence Parish Church, York for #SeasonofCreation2023
Thank you to our parishioners for participating in the first session of our Laudato Si programme.
The answers to the questions asked have been summarised and will appear in the next Laudato Si’ newsletter.
Our next session, will be about ‘The Cry of the Poor’ on Sunday 1st October, at the end of the Season of Creation, and will have a similar format to the first session ie meditation/reflection in the Lady Chapel, open to everyone before morning Mass.
During the sermon, parishioners will be asked to reflect upon, talk about and write answers to two questions related to Cry of the Poor.
This goal encourages us to listen and be merciful to the cries of the vulnerable, voiceless, suffering, exploited, lonely, sick, poor and hungry, and to recognise the part that we, through our lifestyle choices, play in bringing about their poverty.’
Parishioners were blessed with perfect weather for the Parish trip to Bridlington and Sewerby Hall yesterday, organised by St George's SVP.
Lots of happy smiling faces and the fish and chip lunch went down well too!
Laudato Si is the name Pope Francis gave to his letter to us all of us urging us as Parishes and individuals to do more to “Care for Our Common Home” (the English translation of “Laudato Si”).
You will have seen a number of references over the last few weeks to St George’s Laudato Si Group, which was formed just over a year ago.
We thought it would be useful to share the Vision of the Group, which is meant to answer the question:
“Why are we responding to Laudato Si”?
The answer, put very simply is that:
“We believe it is our Joyful Christian Mission and Duty to care for God’s Creation and to pass on a World fit for our grandchildren to live in peace.”
Do you agree?
Do you disagree?
What do you think?
Let’s get the conversation going – send us a message or leave a comment on our Facebook page please.

This is the cover of the English edition of Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment, "Laudato Si', on Care for Our Common Home." The long-anticipated encyclical was released at the Vatican June 18. (CNS photo/courtesy U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) See stories slugged ENCYCLICAL- June 18, 2015.

It's surprising what you see when you go for a walk in Nature.....
Here are just some of the things our walkers after morning Mass yesterday spotted on the way from Church to the Millennium Bridge.
A combination of local residents and St Nicholas Fields Nature Reserve are planting and rewilding the grass verge between Blue Bridge and the Millennium Bridge to attract more of nature's wonderful species.
Oh ..... and there's also the ice cream boat - which always helps reward the walkers!
Listen here to a short clip of parishioner Rachel Trend speaking on Radio York this morning ahead of Saturday's #pilgrimagefortheplanet event.
Here's the link and the clip is 1hr 52mins and 30 seconds in.
Great things can happen when different faiths come together with one voice and one message.
Here are some photos of parishioners taking part in the event on Saturday.
Our programme of events to mark the Season of Creation, organised by the Laudato Si Group at Church, got off to a great start last weekend, with not only the Open Water Swim on Saturday, but also the first Reflection and Discussion Session immediately before morning Mass last Sunday.
The small group that met took the opportunity to reflect on what ‘the Cry of the Earth’ means - a wonderful opportunity for us to be still together with some words of Scripture and some thoughts from Pope Francis’s encyclical.
In his sermon Canon Jerry also made the links between the day’s readings and the theme of the day.
One line which stood out especially in relation to what we are trying to achieve through responding to Laudato Si’ is from Romans 12:1-2:
‘Do not model yourselves on the behaviour of the world around you, but let your behaviour change, modelled by your new mind.’
Thank you to those parishioners who responded to our questionnaire during Mass, relating to our response as individuals and as a Parish to ‘the Cry of the Earth’.
An anonymised summary of the 30 or so responses will be available soon and we will be tracking what we are doing throughout the year in relation to Laudato Si on the noticeboard at the back of Church.
You may also spot our new Laudato Si’ banner at Church, particularly when something a little different is happening.
Thank you to everyone who supported the Fairtrade stall at Mass and producers in the developing world last Sunday.
Goods to the value of £171 (£127 morning Mass and £44 evening Mass) were sold.
And thank you to Dennis and Frances who organise and run the stall.
St George's Parishioners Mark the Beginning of the "The Season of Creation"
“But let justice flow like water, and righteousness, like an unfailing stream”
To begin the season of Creation, Laudato Si invited parishioners to immerse themselves in Nature – to enjoy creation.
The idea was inspired by the Laudato Si Movement's desire to fall in love with creation again. From this springs the fierce desire to care for and protect what we have.
What better way than a walk and/or swim in a beautiful landscape and chat about ideas over food and drink afterwards!
It was a joyful day beginning with Mass and ending with soggy towels, muddy feet, much appreciated snacks and a sense of creativity and freedom.
What a lovely day, as St George's parishioners head off after morning Mass on Saturday 2nd Sept for an open water swim at
Pool Bridge Farm in York to celebrate the start of the #SeasonofCreation2023
Listen out at Mass this weekend for more information on the start of ‘The Season of Creation’ programme of events next Sunday 3 September.
Members of St George’s Laudato Si group will be launching a programme for parishioners to help us all explore some of the treasures of Pope Francis’s wonderful teaching ‘Care of Our Common Home’.
The first theme we will be considering is:
“Our Response to the Cry of The Earth”.
Pope Francis’ teaching suggests that:
'Due to an ill-considered exploitation of nature, humanity runs the risk of destroying it and becoming, in turn, a victim of this degradation'
A reminder that the Funeral Mass for Barry England is at 11am tomorrow morning, 22nd August, at St George's Church.
May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen



Beginning on Sunday 3 September, to mark the start of ‘The Season of Creation’ members of St George’s Laudato Si group will be launching a programme for parishioners to help us all explore some of the treasures of Pope Francis’s wonderful teaching ‘Care of Our Common Home’. 


Climate change is presently wreaking terrible damage on our Common Home and its peoples. 


We are hoping that looking at this teaching together might give us strength and hope to look at the world with different eyes and a change of heart, and inspire us to take appropriate action as individuals and as a Parish. 


Listen out at Mass next Sunday 27 August for more details on how this will work.

Thank you to everyone who supported the stall on Sunday.
A total of £123 worth of goods was sold - £80 after morning Mass and £43 after evening Mass.
A very good result during the holiday season.
The September Stall will be on 3rd September i.e. the FIRST Sunday of the month and not the usual second Sunday.
Very many thanks,
Frances & Dennis
Today we pay tribute to Mary Sellers, a long standing parishioner of St George's Church whose funeral took place last week.
In words adapted from the Eulogy delivered by her son Andrew at the Requiem Mass.
To see a full transcript of the Eulogy please follow this link:
"Mary was born in York and her family has a long association with St George’s Church – her parents were married in St George’s in 1934. Even the lectern in Church was a sort of gift from the Sellers family.
Mary had a happy childhood in Langholme Drive, a place she seemed to recall mostly by the smells of the air - the smell of coal fires and of the sugar beet factory, and of the sweet peas tied up against the garden shed.
As a child, she joined the Guides, and got all the way to the highest ‘rank’ in that organisation, that of “Queens Guide”, an achievement of which she was very proud. And it was also an achievement which she was effortlessly able to shoehorn into any conversation, apparently at random. But Mary was also a child who was born during the time when she remembered huddling in the Andersen shelter, when the German bombers came.
And then, a career in nursing, where she started lifelong friendships with Eileen (Grey) & Patricia (Holder), and a career dedicated to helping others, a career of selfless dedication to the welfare of her fellow men and women.
And then, one Friday evening, she took a circuitous way back from the restrooms in the Assembly Rooms, so she would deliberately walk past my Dad and deliberately catch his eye, which she of course did.
And then marriage, and a teacher and a nurse buying a brand new three-bedroom house for 2,350 pounds, & filling it with happy children.
And then back to work, first as a district nurse, and then on to her last job, which is the one upon which we must dwell…
Because it is impossible to talk about Mary without referencing the work she did as a Macmillan nurse. She was one of the first. What type of person would decide just to care for patients who were inevitably going to die? Only a person with enormous reserves of moral and spiritual courage. But Mary said once that she suddenly realised with stunning brutality that she had gone from being a nurse where she would be able to help people to get better, to heal, to being in a job where every patient, every single patient she tended to would, inevitably, die.
Where did this tiny bird of a woman find the inner reserves of strength, to do what she did, for so many years? A fearlessness, a practicality, a level of moral and spiritual courage that is difficult to believe, hard to comprehend….
Where did this little slip of a woman develop the fortitude to be able to shoulder the moral decisions needed in helping a person to face their own death? She was an extraordinary woman…
As a Macmillan Nurse, Mary met Princess Diana at Garrowby Hall in [February] 1983. Mary seized the opportunity, when Diana asked about her work, and its difficulties, to give Diana a look which said “Yes, but you don’t know the half of it”. And Princess Diana picked up on this, because she sought Mary out later, and took her aside privately, and asked he what the problem was. And Mary told her how no nurses with young families could be expected to be taking phone calls from dying patients in the middle of the night on their home phone numbers. And Princess Diana did her thing, and she told the boss of the Macmillan foundation precisely what she thought about the matter, and within days, a new rule was made, that Macmillan nurses should not have to give their phone numbers out to patients.
So, that was always something in Mary’s life of which she was particularly proud, her interaction with Princess Diana, and having had a hand in making life that little bit easier for the Macmillan nurses that came after her….
But of course, in one of the cruelest of ironies, the last cancer patient she ever cared for was her own husband. Mary faced that task with the same discipline and kind-heartedness as anything that had gone before. And her life was filled with other singular tragedies, she lost her daughter Margaret to multiple sclerosis less than ten years ago, her son Bernard was killed in a tragic accident as a young boy, and her youngest son, Peter, died in infancy…her husband Peter was taken from her before they could enjoy a long and happy retirement together…
But through all of these singular tragedies, she retained an overwhelming joy of life, a love of all the good friendships she had made, and she was a person who enjoyed the respect of everyone who knew her.
She led a good life, and died in her own home, or her own terms; Death will have held no fear for a woman like Mary. She’d seen all her family recently, and she was active and sprightly right up until the last. A cup of tea in the morning, and then her big, caring, generous heart just gave out…
Mary Sellers was the best of us, as courageous a person as one can find on this Earth, never hesitating to take the hands of those people who reached out to her. And where Mary has gone, Peter and her children will be there to greet her, and she’ll be able to hold out her hands to them, and all will be well…."
Some photos from the Mass and the lunch afterwards at the Phoenix.
Thanks to everyone who attended, to Lars for the photos, Rosa and Norman for the music, Canons Jerry, Harney & Ryan for concelebrating the Mass, the Junior Chaplaincy pupils of St George's Roman Catholic Primary School for helping with thd Mass, the Phoenix pub and Julie's Caterers for the hospitality and above all to Seamus O Neill and the SVP for organising the event and making it such a success.
Great to read that St George's and Carmelite Monastery - Thicket Priory - York get a mention in this month's issue of The Catholic Voice produced by The Diocese of Middlesbrough
You can now read the paper online via this link:

Here's a lovely photo of the St George's team at Lourdes last week, supplied by parishioner Martin Thorpe.

You may or may not have heard about  "Laudato Si" week around the world.
Here is a short video on what that means for us, both as a Church and as individuals: