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About The Church

Opened in 1850, St George’s was the first church to be used as a cathedral after the restoration of the hierarchy. Designed by Joseph Hansom, famous for the Hansom cab, it was built chiefly to serve the growing immigrant Irish Catholic population of the Walmgate area of York.   To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the church three needlework panels illustrate the history, sacramental life and communal activities of the church and parish.


Hello! A special word of welcome to our first time visitors – I hope that your “cyber visit” will inspire you to make a “real time” visit very soon. A word of welcome, too, to those who are returning here. And of course I cannot fail to welcome our regular visitors, worshippers and parishioners. One of the beauties of St George’s is the welcome given to all no matter what age, nationality or even creed.

The parish is very cosmopolitan and is also popular with our university students (the Sunday evening Mass at 6.30pm is the last in the city…!). Our 10.30am Mass is full of young families with all the joys and challenges that that can present. A very vibrant parish indeed.

We encourage our young people to get involved in lots of different ways, from serving Mass, singing in the choir or even being involved in the collection. 

The parish history is venerable (the pro-Cathedral for the short-lived diocese of Beverley no less) and the church was built with the “pennies of the Irish immigrants”. Walmgate was historically the base for many Irish families – Ironic, then, that the church is called St George’s and not St. Patrick’s.

I’d like to invite you to become part of this vibrant, Catholic community, worshipping God above all in the Mass, but also in all of the other Sacraments and all of the different ways of service that are undertaken every day in the name of the Church. Come along and join us – you’d be most welcome.

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