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Good first meeting of the Young Adults - 7 or 8, lots of first timers. More always welcome! They've gone to the pub now and will do after meetings if that encourages anyone else! A good way to get to know new people!

Next Meeting 28th October 18.00. Then every two weeks hopefully. Bring an instrument if you have one!

Norwegian Choir October 8th 2017

Norwegian Choir 1
norwegian choir2

Pictures thanks to Sharon Nelson

norwegian choir


We would like to wish Margaret Richardson & Terry Garvey many congratulations on receiving the Bene Merenti medal from our Holy Father Pope Francis for many years of faithful service to the Church. Thank you and God Bless!

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The Journey in Faith now meeting Tuesdays at 6.30pm in the Rectory.  The Young Adults Group will meet on the 14th October at 6pm in the Sacristy

First Holy Communion Programme – The new course will begin on Wednesday, 11 October at 6.30 pm. Classes will take place (usually) on one Wednesday a month until First Holy Communion Day (June 10, 2018). Eligible children are in Y4 at school (usually), live within the parish boundaries or regularly attend Mass here, and/or attend St. George’s Primary School.

Dates will be arranged soon for the Annual Remembrance Service and Carol Service. Watch this space.

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Ecumenical Bible Study Group: 

All being well the next course begins on Tuesday 17 October at 7pm at the Carmelite Sisters’ House, 110 Lawrence Street.  Each session lasts about an hour and ends with Compline.  We shall be looking at the Epistle to the Hebrews which stands out in the New Testament in its understanding of the mission and person of Christ.  Bring a Bible, any version.  We shall pause one week to look at Dei Verbum the Vatican II document on divine revelation and the inspired nature of sacred scripture.  All are welcome.

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